Tuesday, October 11, 2005

imparting values  

posted by Michael Piwonka 9:27 PM
During my weekend with the kids, Allie made a comment that startled me because of her apparent casual attitude toward marriage now that Penny and I are separated.

She said that Penny would be ready to get remarried once she and I are divorced. While this information is not news to me, I'm not sure that a 10-year-old should know such details. It was her carefree delivery that startled me.

I talked with Penny later about my concern that Allie might be growing up with a nonchalant attitude toward the institution of marriage. We both agreed that we need to emphasize the seriousness of marriage so that Allie doesn't grow up with a "Hollywood attitude" toward the institution. I don't want her to think that marriage is something that can be summarily dismissed at the first sign of trouble.

While Penny and I agree on this, I personally am not sure how we can impress these concepts on her, given our current course of action. Perhaps over time, as we both demonstrate our commitment to our new lives, she will gain an appreciation for commitment.

As my mother always says, Allie is mature beyond her years. She may just have come to certain realizations that most 10-year-olds can't. Regardless, it is important that Penny and I continue to listen to her, and to discuss this and any other issues that Allie deems important.


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