Tuesday, August 09, 2005

camp greystone, part III  

posted by Michael Piwonka 7:07 PM
We received another letter from Allie at camp today. She must have run out of the stationery she took with her because the last couple letters have been written on the inside of Skittles bags!

Oliver, our dog, has been writing Allie a story in a series of letters, each letter representing another chapter in the saga. I mailed the fifth and final chapter today. The story is about how Oliver overcomes his stuttering habit, acquired when his humans kept yelling at him to be quiet whenever he tried to talk, to recite a poem in front of other neighborhood dogs.

Allie and her friends must be enjoying the letters because this is what her letter, mailed several days ago, said:
Dear Mom + Dad

My friend Maddie wants the 4th chapter from Oliver. I love you.



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