Saturday, August 06, 2005

camp greystone, part II  

posted by Michael Piwonka 3:05 PM
We have received several delightful letters from Allie; she made my heart glad when she started one of her cards with "I'm having a blast!"

She then proceeded to list all of her cabin mates, and discussed her activities. One of the most interesting, at least to me, is her Riflery activity. I was surprised to see that on her list, and just today I received a letter from her that included her paper rifle target, riddled with BB holes. Interestingly, the target is a "NRA Official 50-ft Rifle Target".

Her daily schedule includes the following activities:

The High Adventure activity includes one of Allie's favorite sports: rock climbing. We also received a wonderful letter from her camp counselor discussing how special Allie is, and she commented how good Allie is at rock climbing.

The letter also described how Allie and her best friend Virginia choreographed a dance to an Aaron Carter song, then taught it to the entire cabin so they can perform at the nightly talent show.

I'm so glad she's having a blast.


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