Saturday, July 23, 2005

isle of palms  

posted by Michael Piwonka 6:26 PM
We had a great time again this year at the Isle of Palms.

Penny and the kids stayed there from Saturday to Saturday, July 16 to 23. I returned home on Wednesday, which provided extra room in the beach rental for Penny's brother, August, and his two daughters to visit for the rest of the week.

We took Oliver with us, but I brought him back home with me because he was spending too much time alone in his crate while the family was at the beach. We probably won't be bringing him back to the beach anytime soon.

Allie and Mason have become quite good at boogie boards and body surfing. It may not be too long before we get them surf boards. The only problem is that they would only get to use them once or twice a summer, so we'll see...

I took a couple trips to the driving range, and am making progress with my swing. The kids got their chance for some "golf" when we had an enjoyable round of putt-putt.


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