Monday, June 27, 2005

texas trip  

posted by Michael Piwonka 12:20 PM
I took the kids to Houston to go to my neice Beth's wedding, leaving Penny in Charlotte to enjoy a weekend by herself.

We left Friday morning, and returned early on Sunday (our flights in both directions were delayed about an hour for various reasons).

We stayed with Mark and Sue, which allowed the kids to play with their cousins Robert and Alex (and their dog, Roxy). Alex made Mason's day by giving Mason his rather impressive collection of Pokemon cards. (Sue also gave us one of their duplicate copies of Shrek 2; only problem was once we got back to Charlotte, we found the DVD missing from the case!)

The rehearsal dinner was great, and the wedding also. We got to visit with many relatives from my side of the family, and Allie and Mason enjoyed dancing at the reception (Mason and his cousin Sydney were quite the item on the dance floor).

As always, the trip ended too soon. While we miss family in Texas, we're not missing the hot and humid weather.


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