Tuesday, May 24, 2005


posted by Michael Piwonka 8:20 AM
We had an unpleasant experience last night as we had to discipline Mason fairly harshly.

It seems Mason had learned some sexually-explicit lyrics to a current hip-hop song from a classmate. We had heard him singing these lyrics, known of which he understood, sometime ago, and had explained that he shouldn't sing them. And we stressed the severe punishment that would follow if he did it again.

That was probably a month ago. Well, Penny received an embarrassing bit of information from her business partner about how one of our babysitters had told several people at her church that Mason was singing these explicit lyrics again.

Mason confessed that he remembered being warned about the consequences if he sang such stuff again, but claimed he just "couldn't get it out of his head" after a classmate was singing it again in the playground. Under the crush of interrogation, he started spewing forth all kinds of secrets and allegations about friends (and his sister). (I couldn't keep a straight face through some of it.)

We took away his allowance, and gave him a couple swats (more for symbolic purposes than anything else). He's promised it won't happen again.

Penny called the mom of the classmate from whom Mason learned the lyrics, and she practically spanked the boy right then with Penny still on the line. She was so furious that we felt sorry for the boy. Penny stressed that he probably didn't even realize the lyrics were bad; she emphasized that Mason was in trouble because he had received a warning, but repeated the undesired behavior anyway.

However, the mom said they don't believe in warnings in their household. "If you're in trouble, you're in trouble", or something like that.

I just hope that boy isn't mad at Mason today.

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