Monday, April 18, 2005

soccer, game 5  

posted by Michael Piwonka 9:29 PM
I wasn't able to go to Mason's soccer game this week because I was playing golf in Litchfield, SC, with the guys, and Penny couldn't go because she was with Allie at the Girl Scout event. So Uncle Randy took Mason to his game.

Mason's team won a hard fought game, 1-0. They scored after their oldest player kicked a goal directly from the kickoff at the start of one of the quarters (which should be illegal since the initial touch for a kickoff should be a pass to a teammate).

I've been disappointed in the league this season because they are spending little time enforcing adherence to the rules. Last season the referee would stop play often to instruct the players on proper rules, such as throw-ins, hand balls, and corner kicks. This season the emphasis seems to be on getting the game over.

Another problem is that the field is too small for the older players (which is why Mason's teammate was able to put a strong shot on goal from midfield).


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