Friday, April 22, 2005


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Last night I went to Portfolio Night at the kid's school. The "portfolio" is a folder containing examples of school work that the kids have done throughout the school year (and from previous years).

Mason showed me his work with lightening speed: he had painting and coloring examples, along with reading/writing and math exercises appropriate for a kindergarten student. He cared less about showing me his work, and more about buying books at the book fair that was going on simultaneously.

Allie took more time to show off her work, which included numerous poems, stories, and artwork. She also had various exams and homework assignments in her portfolio; as she showed them to me, she commented:
I made a 100 on that one.

I made a 100 on this one also.

And on this one...

And so on and so on. I asked Allie if she ever made any score other than a perfect 100 on any of her work.
Yes. But I threw those away.

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