Thursday, March 10, 2005

rock and roll  

posted by Michael Piwonka 8:11 PM
I was driving earlier this evening with Allie and Mason in the car, and a Van Halen tune came on the radio.

Mason immediately started doing his best air guitar imitation of Eddie Van Halen, while Allie asked "Dad, why do they yell in this kind of music?". I replied that I think it's just part of the rock and roll genre.

Then, with Eddie Van Halen in the back seat sitting in his booster seat, Allie did her own imitation. She started throwing her head back and forth in true headbanger style, blonde hair flying all over the place. "Why do they do this too?"

"Well, I think they're feeling the beat."

The car next to us must have been slightly concerned as he saw a 9-year-old headbanger in the front seat, and an air guitarist playing violently perched atop his booster in the back. Inside a very pedestrian white Vovlo sedan. What's the world coming to?


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