Thursday, March 31, 2005

dead wrong  

posted by Michael Piwonka 8:42 PM
I'm amazed at the cavalier attitude with which the Bush administration, and the American public, accepts the news that our intelligence justifying the Iraq war was "dead wrong".

(However, given the fact that the report was commissioned by Bush, we must also wonder how reliable the commission is. After all, it appears that everything Bush initiates turns out to be flawed. But since the report is hardly surprising, we can assume it's accurate, even with its suspect origins.)

I suppose as long as we're not a family member of the 100,000 Iraqi civilians or the 1,600 US soldiers that were killed, we don't really care. (But we get really emotional when a woman in a perpetual vegetative state for 15 years is finally allowed to die.)

The $200 billion (and growing) price tag is more likely to get our attention, as it contributes to Bush's already historic liberal spending habits. The deficit is hurting what would otherwise be a strong economy, causing the devaluation of the dollar (which is a major factor in the rising oil costs since oil is traded internationally in US dollars), and eroding confidence in the US economy. Only when we start feeling Bush's decisions in our pocketbook do we start to notice.

I feel sorry for the members of the various intelligence agencies who are now be exposed/blamed for Iraqi intelligence failures. It must really sting to have your arm twisted to provide the desired intelligence, only to later be castigated for its inaccuracies. But that's what they signed on for when they took a job working for the government.


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