Thursday, February 03, 2005

junior achievement  

posted by Michael Piwonka 8:49 PM
Today I taught the first of 5 classes of Junior Achievement to Allie's third grade class. The subject for the third graders is the concept of a city, and how people and business function in the city.

I believe the session went well. The kids seemed genuinely interested (I think they were just happy to have a new person in the classroom), and they were eager to ask/answer questions. We had several exercises that explained the idea of different zones in a city, and the importance of city planning.

Allie had emphasized to me that I was not allowed to embarrass her in front of her classmates. She told me later that I did a good job, and that I didn't embarrass her. But I think she forgot that I have four more opportunities -- she's not safe yet!

With the initial one out of the way, I expect subsequent classes to be easy. The kids are eager for me to come back, and one didn't hesitate to ask if I would be providing some sort of treat after the last session (the teacher gave a quick rebuff to that student).

Surprisingly, several gave me hugs as I was leaving. I guess it was a welcome break from their normal schedules.


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