Friday, February 18, 2005

junior achievement, part III  

posted by Michael Piwonka 5:59 PM
Yesterday, I completed the third of 5 Junior Achievement classes I'm teaching Allie's third-grade class.

We pretended to run a restaurant, and the kids had to decide:

The most interesting part of this lesson was that the kids had to make subjective decisions. They could come up with numerous variations of the above items, with the ultimate goal being, of course, profitability.

While I didn't present it as such, we discussed the concepts of supply-and-demand economic theory. I demonstrated that as they lowered the prices for their meals, they could increase the number of customers, and vice versa. The difficult part, for any business, is finding that "sweet spot" where profits are maximized.

I think the kids are enjoying the coursework even more as the concepts get more sophisticated.

Evidently there is a tradition in these JA classes where the instructor brings a "surprise" to the students during the last class. Well, Allie and several of her friends have been campaigning for me to bring Oliver, our dog, on the last day. I quickly dismissed the idea, figuring pets weren't allowed in school.

However, Allie told me that she has now cleared it with the teacher. So, we'll see...


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