Sunday, February 13, 2005

dinner party  

posted by Michael Piwonka 10:14 PM
We hosted an enjoyable dinner party last night. The party was comprised of several neighborhood couples; we've been rotating to each other's houses for the last couple years.

While the guests brought salad, potato casserole, appetizers, drinks, and desert, we supplied beef tenderloin. All of the food turned out excellent.

Uncle Randy took Allie and Mason out for the evening, giving us the run of the house for the evening.

Penny pulled out our wedding china for the evening, which included a last second replacement plate for an original that broke cleanly into two pieces. We decided to play a joke on one of the guests using the broken plate. Josh was the unlucky victim, and we carefully aligned the broken pieces in the placesetting next to his name tag.

With the lights turned down low, the crack in the plate was concealed. When it was time to eat, everyone grabbed their plate to serve themselves. The prank couldn't have played out better; Josh froze as he looked down at the broken china in his hand.

Josh had such a horrified look on his face that I was compelled to immediately confess to the setup. I think it was a little more traumatic than we had anticipated! Fortunately, we were all able to laugh about it afterwards.

We also sang Happy Birthday to one of the guests, Doug, as he celebrated his 40-something birthday. Topping the evening off was Allie singing to the group after Randy and the kids returned home.

We had a lot of fun, and I'm sure we'll continue to get together for dinner parties in the future.

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