Sunday, January 16, 2005

rugs and rearranging  

posted by Michael Piwonka 9:18 AM
Penny has been doing a little shopping around for rugs to alleviate the "cold hardwood" floors. She found several relatively inexpensive rugs in the clearance bin at a local store.

So yesterday she and I went to the store and purchased a couple. But once we got them home, placing them around the house snowballed in a major rearranging of furniture within the house.

Suddenly the dining room table's been moved into the room where the piano was; the piano was moved into the formal living room; the room-formally-known-as-the-dining-room is now a sitting room with a chair from the kitchen sitting area placed in front of the fireplace.

Randy and I were getting a little testy as Penny barked out orders, and we responded like underpaid servants:

Move that rug a half-inch toward the fireplace.

Rotate the table 90 degrees.

Turn the football game off and roll the piano into here.

Don't you guys enjoy this?!

Fortunately she stopped right before the mutiny was to take place. But I'll admit, I do like the new rugs, and the "new home" we have.


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