Friday, January 21, 2005


posted by Michael Piwonka 8:06 PM
Penny sent me this link to a BBC article about the world's reaction to Bush's inaugural speech.

I thought the article was an interesting summary of reactions from around the world. As expected, practically all are negative given Bush's ability to alienate and polarize. I think the Kenyan response was generally indicative of most of the world:

It is possible to have the freer world that Bush speaks of, but the idea that those who are strong and have a larger arsenal have an unchallenged right to impose their will on the weak, undermines democracy.

However, I think it's probably much ado about nothing. Bush obviously won't be able to spread Jeffersonian democracy across the world, his inaugural sermon notwithstanding.

I do think it is plausible that we would invake/occupy Iran, just as Iraq, given Bush's penchant for war and U.S. desires to secure oil interests. However, other non-democratics targets are much less likely.

Take our position on North Korea. We have shown no interest in confronting them. Instead, we've become bedfellows with China, in hopes that the communist nation will keep an eye on the situation.

Sounds hypocritical to me. China's communists are anything but democrats. While he may be a war-monger, Bush will find a way to "overlook" China, as well he should.

So I think that Bush's speech will be selectively applied, rather than with the broad brush Bush insinuated.


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