Sunday, January 30, 2005


posted by Michael Piwonka 5:32 PM
The kids were disappointed today because they expected to wake up to a winter wonderland. They had visions of sledding, snowball fights, and most importantly, possibly a day or two off from school.

But alas, this morning we had only a little ice, the remnants of light rain followed by sub-freezing temperatures. Not only was it evident that it wasn't going to snow today, but the temperature was rising so fast that the ice was melting quickly.

While I was silently excited to avoid the hassle of being snowed-in (even though I enjoy playing the snow almost as much as the kids), the kids were openly dejected. What looked so promising had turned into a depressing Sunday, filled with "stupid sunshine".

Given Charlotte's relatively mild winters, this will probably be the closest we come to snow this year. Knock on wood (but don't let the kids see the relief).


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