Sunday, December 26, 2004


posted by Michael Piwonka 9:26 PM
We had a very nice, if not quiet, Christmas. This is the first time we've stayed at our house for Christmas.

We all received more gifts that we probably deserved. I received a couple nice sweaters, along with some slacks. Penny received clothes and jewelry. The kids got clothes, toys and portable CD players.

Randy celebrated Christmas with us, also.

That evening, as I tucked Allied into bed, she asked me how many gifts I would receive as a kid for Christmas. I replied that I usually got one gift, since we didn't have very much money.

But what about Santa Claus? was her response. Didn't Santa bring me some gifts also? I hesitated, knowing that Penny didn't want me to go into the whole Santa myth. I started to say something cute like Santa generally brings gifts based upon a family's economic situation, but figured that would only prompt more (revealing) questions.

So I just said that I wasn't a very good boy, so Santa didn't bring me very much (I believe my mom would probably concur). In any case, I was able to sidestep the question without going into too much detail.

I must still not be a very good boy, because even the dog received more gifts than I did.

But seriously, it was a very nice day, and I think we enjoyed the tranquility of celebrating it at home by ourselves.

And while we were enjoyed our Christmas in Charlotte, my sister Jan and her family were celebrating the first white Christmas in Victoria, Texas, in something like 85 years. They woke up to an impressive snow fall, giving her kids the first opportunity in their lifetimes to play in the snow.


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