Monday, November 29, 2004

texas vacation  

posted by Michael Piwonka 6:29 PM
We had a great time in Texas for Thanksgiving. We were lucky to visit with many friends and family members.

The trip got off to a shaky start as I missed my flight to Texas because I left my wallet at home. During these days of security concerns, there was no way I was going to get on the plane without official identification.

My father-in-law, who happened to be staying at our house, rushed my wallet to the airport, but the door to the plane had just closed as I ran to the gate. I was not allowed on, while amazingly, Penny and kids had to wait about 40 more minutes before taking off because of thunderstorms in Houston! I took a later flight, and caught up with them Saturday evening.

We stayed a couple nights at Mark and Sue's house, and cousins Robert and Alex were wonderful entertainment for Allie and Mason. We visited with old friends on Saturday, which was a nice trip down memory lane.

A negative part of the trip was that we spent too much time in the car; traveling across Texas is no small feat. But we had a lot fun once we reached our destinations.

For example, we traveled to Austin on Monday to visit with old friends Sam, Lisa, Cole and Reed. We had many laughs over great food and drink. Also, we went to see The Polar Express in 3-D at the local Imax theatre.

Unfortunately, Allie slipped while racing with Cole and put a gash in her shin when she collided with a granite column. While it hurt badly, Allie was a trooper, never letting her leg get her down.

On Wednesday, we were on the road again, traveling from Austin to Caldwell to pick up Liz (grandmother) before continuing on to Dallas to see Thomas, Wendy and Hayden.

As we passed the time in the car, I asked Liz what she would do differently if she could live her life over again. As a mother of 10 children (and informal mother of her younger siblings), grandmother of 16 and great-grandmother of 2, she has more experiences to re-live than many of us ever will. However, she only listed one thing she would do differently:

I would go fishing with my husband more.

She said that he loved to fish, and had asked her to go with her many times, but she rarely went because she found it too boring; she said she would always think of other things she could be doing instead. In retrospect I think she decided that fishing with her husband would have been time better spent.

Thanksgiving day was a blast, with great food and many relatives and friends. There were many laughs and good stories, most of which were true.

We returned to Houston on Friday after dropping off Liz in Calwell. We met John and Georgia, along with Mark's family, Friday night at dinner.

While we were sad to leave on Saturday morning to return to Charlotte, we were excited to see our little dog, Oliver.


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