Tuesday, August 31, 2004

soccer practice II  

posted by Michael Piwonka 8:35 PM
After missing the first practice last week, I met six of the players tonight, along with several parents and my assistant Beth.

Let's just say it was an eye-opening experience. I didn't realize just how short the attention span is of the average 5-year-old boy. I seemed to spend more time gathering them together, chasing balls, repeating myself, and wondering what I was doing there than actually teaching soccer skills.

Actually, it appears that I have a good group of boys. They seem motivated, and they enjoy soccer. Except for one. He will be the challenge this season. He is actually a happy, smiling, laughing young fellow; he just prefers being the class clown more than learning anything about soccer.

Perhaps it will be good for me. I've been fortunate to have two good kids of my own who behave about as well as could be hoped. But I suppose I could use to improve my ability to connect with kids. And this one particular young man appears ready to give me the opportunity.

Beth and I laughed that coaching these young guys will be like "herding cats". But I think it will be a lot of fun, especially now that I'm over the initial shock of their short attention spans.


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