Sunday, August 29, 2004

hilton head  

posted by Michael Piwonka 8:00 PM
I had a great time with the running group in Hilton Head this past weekend. The group was composed of Dan, Doug, Josh, Will and myself.

A big thank you goes to Will for allowing us to stay at his parents' condo, and another to brother-in-law Randy for letting us drive his H2 Hummer. And of course, I would like to thank all the wives for allowing the guys a weekend away.


We had several memorable events on the trip. One of the best was our Saturday morning visit to Harold's Diner. The place specializes in insulting the clients (but fortunately doesn't charge extra for the "service"). To order, everyone checks off what they want on a small menu, writes their name on the bottom, then hands it to the waiter. When the order is ready, the cook yells out the person's name.

Doug had the misfortune of having his handwriting misinterpreted by the cook. After making Doug's pancake breakfast, the cook called out "Don". When nobody stepped up the take the food, the cook became irritated. Finally, he yelled out the contents of the order, at which time Doug says that it's his order.

A hilarious exchange followed about the difference between a U and a N, including the now-famous "My ass!" response from the cook when Doug points out that the third letter of his name is in fact a U.

Personally, I would have pointed out to the cook that he should have called out "Dong" if he couldn't read Doug's handwriting.

Everyone in the place had a good laugh when we exited as the cook referred to Doug as "Mr. Penmanship".


Another interesting moment in the trip occurred when we couldn't unlock the Hummer Friday night using the key fob. I had to manually unlock the automobile with the key, which set off the alarm. However, the H2 still wouldn't start since the alarm had shut off the ignition.

We contacted OnStar, but the best advice we could get was to tow the H2 to the nearest dealer, which was probably an hour away.

The biggest concern for the OnStar person was that we schedule a follow-up call so she could see if I was satisfied with her service. Amazingly, she wouldn't be able to get back with me until after 3 PM on Monday!

After walking to dinner on Friday, the weekend was looking bleak with the prospect of car problems. And I figured I would probably waste most (if not all) of Saturday dealing with the issue.

Dan had the idea of disassembling the remote, and trying it again in the morning. Fortunately, it worked perfectly in the morning. We didn't use the key fob anymore.


We were surprised by the sudden formation of tropical storm Gaston. While it never actually hit Hilton Head (we had a couple showers), it did cause our boat trip to be cancelled. Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun, even with the prospect of downpours and high winds.


We learned Saturday night that Doug must have done nothing in college but play foosball, as he demonstrated skill levels beyond normal human beings.


Finally, Doug (a.k.a. Don) wasn't the only one to receive a nickname on the trip. Dan displayed his partying abilities, earning him the nickname of "Frank the Tank". But don't tell his wife about that...


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