Friday, July 23, 2004


posted by Michael Piwonka 6:43 AM
I finished assembling the crossover and boxes for a pair of speakers I'm building for a neighbor. I attached the crossovers to small pieces of scrap wood I had in the garage.

He wanted a relatively small pair of speakers, but wanted a higher quality sound than is available from many commercial, plastic offerings. I build the pair using this design from Parts Express.

I haven't completed finishing the boxes, and will post pictures when I'm finished. The boxes are so small that it made putting the crossovers inside a little bit of a problem; I had to glue them insides the boxes prior to gluing and clamping the bottom of the boxes.

How do they sound? They sound very good, considering the cost. They don't have the last octave in bass, and they won't place exceedingly loud (but loud enough for most sane people).


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