Saturday, July 24, 2004

isle of palms  

posted by Michael Piwonka 9:28 AM
Penny and the kids are leaving this morning to go to Isle of Palms for the week. I will join them later in the week, and we will return next weekend.

We will be staying at a villa on the golf course. The kids are very excited to have some fun in the sun and surf.

Penny's business partner, Charlie, has graciously agreed to keep Oliver while we're gone. We just hope he doesn't follow through on his threat to "bob" off Oliver's tail!


Penny called once they got to the villa after discovering that it was not the one advertised on the website. What's more, it is actually quite far from the beach, which defeats one of the main objectives of the trip.

But fear not. Penny has a way of making things happen. She proceeded to give the rental company an earful, and before you knew it, she and kids were staying at a nicer bugalow within view of the beach, and with a swimming pool.

I can't wait to get there to see it for myself.


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