Sunday, July 11, 2004

iraq tales  

posted by Michael Piwonka 9:34 PM
Who's really surprised by the recent "revelations" from the 9/11 commission and the Senate Intelligence Committee?

We already knew the Iraqi threat was exagerrated, that we had never had any proof of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and that there is no tangible evidence of an Al Qaeda-Iraq alliance. So what is really the newsworthiness of all of this?

I believe the most interesting story will be the American people's reactions to this information. To those who didn't want to invade, the findings serve only as "I told you so" ammunition. For those Bush supporters, the findings (if not simply inaccurate) don't really matter since "we're safer without Saddam."

The human psyche is intriguing to me. I find it interesting how we are able to rationalize whatever we believe in, regardless of the evidence before us. I believe we do this because we've made such a great emotional commitment in our belief system that to turn away from it in the face of overwhelming evidence would be too difficult. Our self image is tied to those beliefs; we must find some equilibrium within ourselves.

I've met some hardcore Bushies who feel that the ends justify the means. So it doesn't really matter that the reason for invading was false, it only matters that we maintain our oil supply, which is America's life blood. While I agree that we need to be concerned about the oil supply, I fear that Bush's efforts will be for naught once our puppet regime is toppled by some religious fundamentalist group, destroying our guarantee of continued oil from Iraq. All those lives and all that money spent just to replace a secular dictator with a religious dictator.

Oh well, we'll find a way to rationalize that it was what we meant to do all along, regardless of what some committee says about it.


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