Monday, May 31, 2004

weekend trip  

posted by Michael Piwonka 8:31 PM
This past weekend we went to Tuxedo, NC, to pick up Allie from camp. She had a wonderful time.

Penny's parents met us there also, and Allie was glad to see her grandparents at Camp Greystone. We toured the campsite; it is a very impressive 160-acre camp with practically every activity you can think of. There's water activities, tennis, gymnastics, archery, self-defense, ceramics, dance, etc.

We plan to have Allie attend a 2-week class next summer.

After we picked up Allie, we went to Franklin, NC, to view a cabin owned by Penny's great-great-grandmother. It was used in the opening sequence of the Firefox movie. Finding the cabin was a little difficult, being on a dirt road on a remote hill. It is an interesting part of Penny's family history.

On Saturday, we purchased a Japanese Maple tree in Cashiers, NC, as Penny's birthday gift. She turned 39 on Sunday.


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