Saturday, May 08, 2004

fun friday  

posted by Michael Piwonka 8:22 AM
Yesterday Allie's school had its "Fun Friday" festival, which is an end-of-year festival, where the kids celebrate the pending end of school, and the PTA raises money for the next year.

As always, it was a lot of fun, and the majority of money is raised by selling food (hot dogs and subs, chips and drinks). We also had a raffle for a nice mountain bike, and a silent auction.

I contributed an acrylic on canvas painting to the silent auction. The subject matter, on a 12" x 12" gallery-wrapped canvas, was a view of dunes overlooking the ocean with a rainstorm approaching in the distance. It sold for $70.

I didn't originally sign the painting, but the purchaser has requested that I come by in the next few days and sign it. This is the second piece I've done that this person has purchased; she bought a turquoise and black ceramic piece at last year's festival.

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