Friday, April 16, 2004


posted by Michael Piwonka 4:33 AM
Penny and I were talking the other night about whom we would vote for in the Presidential election in November.

The bottom line for me, unfortunately, is that I don't have a candidate to vote for. I will probably join the hordes of Americans who seem to vote against one of the candidates each election because they can't find anybody worth voting for.

My political leanings are simple: I'm fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I don't think that that's a unique combination.

But Bush is neither of those, and Kerry is half of that. What to do?

Anybody got any suggestions for a worthy candidate? A realistic candidate? Hardly.

Perhaps Jesse Ventura in 2008? What seems almost laughable at first may not be so bad. At least I consider him to be honest. That'd be a change.


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