Friday, February 20, 2004

vasectomy, part II  

posted by Michael Piwonka 1:54 PM
Well, here I am, sitting around watching movies and surfing the web. I've been instructed by the urologist to "do absolutely nothing" for the next 3 days. And I'm extremely qualified to do just that.

The procedure lasted only about 15 minutes, as advertised. Only the anticipation of the needle prick for the local anesthetic caused me concern. The doctor and I had a non-stop conversation about computers, the Internet, offshore outsourcing, etc., while he did his business.

Now I have a rather slight ache in the groin. At this point, it's nothing I can't manage, even without the use of pain relievers. However, I do have a prescription for some narcotic, should it come to that. I may just save that for when my wife starts nagging me (just kidding).

This is a pretty good life. My wife has been bringing me food and drink, and ice cream is on the way right now. I have the television and DVD remotes right next to me, and I'm connected wirelessly to the Internet. I may just milk this situation for much longer than necessary.


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