Tuesday, February 24, 2004


posted by Michael Piwonka 8:22 AM
My wife and her business partner needed a work table for their office. It would be used primarily for assembling proposals, and would have a heavy-duty stapler and such.

Being frugal, they wanted something inexpensive. So my wife Penny went to a local antique shop (more precisely, a junk store) and purchased a disgusting looking chrome table with a top make of several pieces of dilapidated particular board held on with duct tape. Her business partner was aghast.

Pretending we were on some HGTV show, we went to work on this "diamond in the rough". Penny and I used some solvent and elbow grease to clean the years of gunk off the chrome. Then we purchased some MDF (medium density fiberboard) at Home Depot, along with primer and black satin paint.

We painted the new MDF top and several beige braces on the table frame black, and finished the top with polyurethane.

My wife paid $37 for the table; the MDF was $19, and assorted paints, polyurethane and sanding paper totaled another $20 or so. I would guess the finished product, which is quite an impressive high-tech looking black and chrome table, would fetch at least $250 at a retail store.

Penny's business partner was surprised, to say the least. But he was quick to add that he was surprised at the table's beauty, not at Penny's ability to revive it. Nice save.


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