Sunday, February 15, 2004


posted by Michael Piwonka 1:30 PM
Earlier today, the kids and I were watching as several robins were eating red berries from the hedge (some type of holly) next to our driveway.

The birds must have triggered the memory of recent science studies for Allie. She brought up the behavior of seahorses, and how the male seahorse gives birth.

I was impressed by her knowledge of this rarity in nature. After a few moments of silence as we watched the birds, she asked if humans were like seahorses would that mean that women would go to war instead of men?

I was again impressed as Allie applied this piece of knowledge to seemingly unrelated issues, contemplating the potential societal impacts of such a fundamental shake-up of human behavior.

However, why would she think about war, instead of something closer to her world, such as the reversal of normally accepted roles of men and women in marriage, child rearing and work? Perhaps Allie doesn't differentiate mom's and dad's roles since both her parents work; both share duties being soccer "mom", making lunches, cleaning house, etc.

But why war? It's a sad commentary that Allie would even be aware of war, particularly at eight years of age. Perhaps it's naive of me to expect her to live in a vacuum, especially in this ever-shrinking world of Internet and seemingly unlimited cable TV channels.

If Allie was growing up in many other parts of the world, she would most likely be very intimate with war. Perhaps to the point of being actively involved.

I'm thankful she only has to contemplate such things while enjoying the simple pleasure of watching robins eat berries.


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