Tuesday, January 27, 2004


posted by Michael Piwonka 9:03 AM
What started as a light snowfall on Sunday turned into a daylong sleet storm, with falling temperatures. The roads became impassable, and all schools and practically all businesses where closed for Monday.

We had a fun day sledding down the hills in the neighborhood. The kids were excited to be home from school.

But the temperature stayed in the mid-20's, and we received small amounts of additional precipitation. So here we are again on Tuesday morning, lounging in our pajamas, starting to get on each others' nerves.

I just sent the kids to their rooms "for the rest of their lives" because they were fighting over the TV remote. I'm sure we'll get bundled up again later in the day and go out sledding again.

I did walk down to Blockbuster last night to get several movies so we can pass the time with that if necessary. Along the way, I joined three other guys to push a SUV that was stuck in the middle of the road sideways. Then I met an unfortunate fellow who had a flat tire in the Blockbuster parking lot; I called his wife for him so she could call someone else who could hopefully come get/help him.

Being from Texas, we don't have proper attire for this cold weather. And we never think to purchase any until we're trapped at home like this, unable to venture out to get any. Once the temperature rises above freezing, we'll go about our merry ways, forgetting about cold weather gear until the next ice storm hits.

But my wife Penny says she's going to order some boots and jackets online right now (while the price is at a premium). We'll probably receive the clothes sometime in July.

But the worst part about today is the forecast: the temperature will get barely above freezing, and we may have additional precipitation, which means I may be right back in the same situation tomorrow.

More yelling at the kids to quit bothering each other. More yelling at my wife to quit shopping online at LLBean, Land's End, Eddie Bauer, ...

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