Sunday, January 25, 2004


posted by Michael Piwonka 8:12 AM
Today's my birthday, and I'd say it's about the best birthday I've ever had. There's a light snowfall outside that has us all excited. And I was overwhelmed with presents.

The kids combined to give me a new razor and shaving accessories so I can shave in the shower. I guess I need to get up and see how well that fog-free mirror works.

Allie bought me a new clock at her school auction, using her money credits that she receives as a reward for excelling in her classwork. (The kids are learning how to earn, save and spend money.)

I received other small items, such as a used pencil and rubber ball from Mason, but the best part of each kid's gift were the accompanying cards. Allie and Mason made elaborate cards for me, and Allie even had all her classmates sign her birthday card (that one qualifies as a keepsake).

My wife surprised me with a new 10" Delta table saw. I can't wait to assemble it and start playing with it. Allie has already put in some requests for accessories for her new doll, including a surf board. (Amazing. The first thing she requests requires a tool that can cut curves, like a band saw or sabre saw. Oh well, maybe I'll make her a surf board that looks like a rectangle!!)

I do expect to make some picture frames to go with some of the paintings I've done. Most of them are on gallery canvas, meaning they don't require (or perhaps want) a frame, but I'll play around with making frames for some of them.

Eventually I want to create speaker boxes for some speakers I want to build. Previously I've used pre-built boxes for my speakers, along with the home theatre speakers I assembled for a neighbor.

It's probably a little too cold in the garage today, so I guess I'll go play in the snow with the kids instead.

Thank you, Penny, Allie and Mason! It's a great birthday.

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