Sunday, January 04, 2004


posted by Michael Piwonka 8:59 PM
I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I basically have an apathetic view of American politics. I do exercise my incredible privilege to vote, but I'm deciding more and more as I get older that it really doesn't matter who I vote for. It looks like nothing ever really changes, regardless of who's in power.

When I grew up, I had disdain for those "tax and spend" Democrats, always wasting money on some social program that only perpetuated dependence on the state but never created self-initiative.

Now the only thing that has changed is that the Republicans don't bother taxing before they spend. So we have unprecedented deficient spending without evening attempting to raise revenue to offset it; welcome to the era of the "borrow and spend" Republicans.

But wait, we have to spend money. We have weapons of mass destruction to find. We have to stamp out the terrorists we keep proliferating by stamping out terrorism.

The bottom-line problem for me is the two-party system we have. Both parties exist to perpetuate themselves. They spend money with reckless disregard. They bend whichever way the wind is blowing. Their main purpose is mobilizing the constituency's vote. I definitely don't think that doing what's best for the country is their top priority.

Take the last presidential election. If the parties were really interested in doing something for America, we would have had better choices than the two morons we had to choice from. It really didn't matter which one won.

And isn't it a sad commentary that the election ended in a virtual tie? It only makes sense that these two guys would end up without a clear winner.

And we still seem to have a problem with honesty. The previous president (a man of integrity and virtue) gets impeached because he lied about misplaced cigars. The current president (a uniter, not a divider) lies about weapons of mass destruction so he can protect oil interests (no wait, it's the terrorism mantra again).

Both parties lie to justify their ends; I can't tell a difference.

Well, I'll continue to vote, albeit with apathy.


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